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I joined Edward Jones with the goal of inspiring investment confidence for individuals and their families, but especially for women. Lack of confidence is a common reason that women give for not taking control of their financial future at a much earlier age. Ensuring investors have the education they need to help gain financial freedom has been a passion of mine for many years. And it is never too soon to get started!

Success looks different for each of us. Speaking with families, individuals and business owners about their personal goals for a successful future is essential to set them on the right path. I help my clients develop a strategy for their wealth, evaluating their short- and long-term goals, their estate strategy and the protection of their assets for their loved ones. I work with men and women through their successful transitions with new employment, starting a business, purchasing homes, retirement and growing families, as well as caring for them during life's challenges. The last two years have shown us how important it is to have a plan in place for every contingency.

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