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Blissful Butterfly Yoga

Align Yourself With Love

Veronica Carpenter

Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher E-500 RYT.  I have been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for about 15.

I offer a variety of virtual services such as Livestream Classical Yoga philosophy infused group Hatha Yoga classes, Yoga on demand video library, private Yoga Therapy sessions and monthly Soulhood Circle Safe Share spaces. I also offer a variety of in person Hatha Yoga and Mindful Meetings in nature settings. I work with all age groups and experience levels. I provide clear alignment cues from a deep well of knowledge and adapt practices to meet student's where they are at.  My style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed. I present Classical Yoga philosophy in an easily digestible way. Yoga Therapy sessions are extremely individualized to find specific Yoga practices to aid students in a variety of ways from stress relief, management of anxiety and chronic pain relief. Furthermore, I do in person Yoga Therapy sessions for Spectrum Tweens and groups of Caregivers who need stress support tools.

Additionally, I am an Early Childhood Caregiver Support Resource. With 19 years experience in direct care with  special needs and typically developing children in mental health and personalized child care settings. I individualize services for the clients who approach me. I have 13 years in specialty training as a behavioral mental health therapist and relationship based therapist with preschoolers with Autism. I offer things such as coffee chat consults with parents/caregivers who need a little support and/or points in the right direction with mindful and compassionate responses to children who are experiencing behavioral, emotional and sensory dysregulation. I create things such as personalized social stories to support children going through change or other issues- teaching them appropriate ways to communicate their feelings and healthy coping mechanisms. In addition I offer Mindful Care Time in 2-3 hour direct care sessions with children in their home to give the parents a break and perhaps get some insight into how to support the child and family with difficult behaviors.  Lastly, I offer stress relief Yoga tools to caregivers in need.

As free offerings to the community I am an active inspirational content creator on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok platforms. For those not on social media I post most of my inspirational writings, videos, and photos in the Blog section of my website. I speak openly about a variety of topics such as being a survivor of developmental trauma ages 0-17 years of age and a female on a 20 year journey with Androgenic Alopecia, a slow overall thinning of my hair. I am a big proponent of bringing all the darkness into the light. I share bits of my journey to inspire others to do the deep work to heal themselves so that we can create a better world more aligned with love, one soul at a time.


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October 2022