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Hi to all the beautiful souls out there! I'm Irene Mazzei- Psychic Soul. I offer my unique psychic readings to all those who desire to gain answers, insight & clarity for their lives, and the lives of loved ones.
Do you ever ask yourself: Am I living my purpose? Do we come back after we die? What's going on with my loved ones/my pet? Do they have a message for me?
I had these questions too, & a reading with a gifted Psychic 10 years ago answered these burning questions, and forever changed the course of my life.
Since then, I've experienced supernatural events and open communication with my Spirit Guides.
I tune into each person's and/or pet's energy, and with the help of my Guides let them know what's going on both inside & around them, from past, present & future. I welcome readings for all, both individuals and your beloved pets too!

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