Participate in a variety of workshops at the Holistic Health and Healing Expo! Registration is first come, first serve, so reserve your seat as soon as possible!

Voorhees Room

Sound Healing Journey
The Vibrational Healing Institute


Sound healing reduces stress and anxiety, often inducing theta brainwaves that promote deep relaxation and connection. In this meditative state, we are able to access our subconscious where we store ego, trauma, old programming, and painful memories and emotions. Sound healing works on a vibrational level to remove disharmony and tension while restoring flow and alignment.
Our workshop will explore cosmic frequencies integrating a variety of sound healing instruments including the gong, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, drums, rattles, chimes, voice and others as our guides. Together, we shift into an altered state of consciousness through the frequency and vibration of sound, allowing our conscious minds to connect more directly with our Higher Self, Universal Consciousness and our own subconscious. Tuning intentionally into the sound can lead to healing on the physical and emotional levels, heightened intuition and a stronger connection to Source.
No experience necessary, all that is required is an open mind and open heart. Admission is complimentary, registration is required.

Kirtan Immersion
Asha Jyoti 


About the facilitator:
Asha, aka Anuradha dasi, was born and raised in the Gaudiya Bhakti Yoga tradition, in a kirtan-focused family. As a small girl of duo-races of Indian and African-American descent, she gravitated towards percussion, specifically of the mridanga, a clay drum hailing from West Bengal, India and used in traditional Gaudiya kirtan. She hopes more women will learn the art of mridanga playing, as it fosters a combination of both grace and strength. “Kirtan has transformed my life in such a way I cannot live without it. I know it has and will do the same for others who embrace it.”

Live Your Best Life!
Abbe Lang

Have you ever been curious about learning how a Life Coach can transform your thinking? Do you have thoughts, dreams, and desires in your life but are stuck and not able to implement them? Do you question or wonder what is holding you back from living your Best Life?

No matter how well you eat or how many vitamins, herbs, or hours you sit in meditation if you can’t turn around the negative thoughts in your head you will never lead your Best Life!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn in this powerful workshop the skills to better communicate with your spouse, teens, and family members. Stop feeling troubled and misunderstood.

Learn how to turn around the negative thoughts in your head with Abbe’s 4 effective steps

In this one-hour power-packed, interactive workshop you will walk away with the tools to help you:

· Build confidence and self-esteem
· Break down communication barriers
· Reach a higher level of intimacy with loved ones
· Have more fun in relationships

As South Jersey’s Premier Life Coach Abbe Lang will share with you in this workshop the same techniques and secrets that her one on one coaching clients have mastered in their coaching sessions.

The Music of You


Eric Bauberger, Holistic Life Coach and Motivational Singer-Songwriter, uses the nature of music to create a framework for accessing greater health, freedom, connection, and purpose. Eric’s approach plays upon the key principles of the Universe in that all that exists is energy and vibration expressed as infinite frequencies. To become a deliberate composer of our experience, we must understand that we have the ability to tune ourselves to our personal key and allow our creative nature to flow. By making small adjustments to our daily rhythms and tuning into the energy of our emotions, we develop the ability to align with the unique melody within our hearts. Here, we learn to joyously co-create with life as our ultimate dance partner.

Primordial Sound Meditation
Nicoli Sinclair- The Veda Den


The meditation workshop will be on Primordial Sound Meditation, a Chopra meditation method and healing practice that allows one to experience inner calm  deep relaxation and connect with their higher self.

Medford Room

Group Energy Healing and
Sound Healing Meditation

Excitari Wellness Center invites you to experience the power of group energy healing with the soothing magic of crystal sound bowls. Energy Intuitive Elsie Kerns will discuss how healing is magnified with group energy and then guide you into a sacred space for total relaxation and restoration of your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. While Elsie guides your through your energy healing journey, enjoy the healing frequencies of the crystal sound bowls to enhance your healing experience and bring you into a deep meditative state. Each attendee will receive a $10 credit to be used toward a service at Excitari Wellness Center.

How to Amplify Peace
Embodying Wellness


Description: If we all want peace, how do we make it manifest? Learn how you can be a peacebuilder even while going grocery shopping

In this easy-to-learn, 3-step technique that melds science with spirituality, you and your family can learn to build peace where ever you go.

Find out about the science of peacebuilding from Julia Gandy Torres, host of the Peace and Love Amplifiers Podcast and international best-selling author whose upcoming book A Jersey Girl Finds Peace is coming out January 6, 2023.

Unlocking Your Dream Worlds


When seen from a spiritual perspective, dreams can provide access to the most sacred part of ourselves.  Dreams can help us solve problems, open doorways to healing, and provide insight for taking the next step in our lives.
Understanding and working with our inner life through dreams can help us see the connection to our daily life experiences.  This interactive workshop explores ways we can unlock the healing and wisdom our dreams offer.

More information about the art of spiritual dreaming can be found on: ECKANKAR – Dreams Presented by ECKANKAR of NJ:

Introduction to Psychic & Mediumship
Beth O'Brien


Join this workshop hosted by Beth O’Brien, Psychic/Medium, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Paranormal Investigator, Certified in Hypnosis and Psychic Development teacher. In this workshop you will learn Introduction to Psychic & Mediumship. This class you will take a test to see which clair you are to help you zone in on your abilities. You will either be: Claircongnizant, Clairvoyant, Clairsudient, Clairsentient. You will learn Psychic protection to help with your life and daily acquaintances and go over the different ways of divination. Everyone will pick an angel card to help with their own guidance.

Intro To Homeopathy
Goodness Grover

This is a LIVE workshop at the Holistic Health and Healing Expo!  Led by Nicole Pavlik RN, BSN, HWNC-BC.

– Learn what homeopathy is and what it is not
– Learn a brief history of homeopathy
– Understand how homeopathy works with interactive examples
– Learn Classical homeopathy vs. advanced methods
– Learn how to treat acute vs chronic
– Learn tons of take home remedies and protocols and how they can help you!
– Free homeopathic gift!
– Get your $20 class fee back when you purchase products that day and/or sign up for my classes!
– Bring a pen and paper, you will want to take notes!

This class will open at 3:30 pm, it will start at 3:40 pm and run until 4:20 pm. After class you are more than welcome to come to my booth, show proof of registration and get your $20 registration back in products or other classes!

Only 36 seats available so reserve your spot today! There will be no walk ins and you must register by October 14th!

Moorestown Room

BioEnergetic Scan
InterConnective Health

BioEnenergic Scanning software allows you to evaluate your parameters of energetic health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes. Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bioenergetic testing. A majority of individuals who visit any general practice are suffering from what is known as a functional disturbance. In simple terms, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or traditional pathological diagnostic testing. However, the patient continues to experience multiple symptoms. Where traditional approaches fall short, the bioenergetic system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing your body’s own energy with the technology of bioenergetic screening.

Living Deliberately;
Creating a Life that You Love.
Nutrtional Wellness Center


The world is a reflection of you. Learn how to change your beliefs and perceptions to create a world that you want to live in! Identify limiting beliefs & thought patterns, clear limitations and create conscious positive beliefs & goals.

Understand the connection between the Mind, the Body & Your Reality. Use the law of attraction, intention, and emotion to manifest what you want.
Raise your vibration, boost your confidence and be empowered to accomplish your goals.

Plant Medicines: Healing with CBD/Cannabis for Optimal Health
Mitchell Medicinal

Explore the history and science behind CBD/cannabis and it’s ability to work naturally with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Learn how our bodies are hard wired to receive these natural compounds to achieve natural health and homeostasis and without toxicity. 

Instructor: A lifelong bio-hacker, natural health advocate and personal health coach, Mitchell Ebert has been helping people since 2015 achieve optimal health by helping them identify and avoid the substances that trigger inflammation, and introduce natural options that help manage their dis-ease without toxic side effects. Coupled with good lifestyle choices, CBD can provide the bridge to get people out of the pharmaceutical trap of more and more prescriptions that many people find themselves in due to the allopathic medical community’s guidance. 

Misconceptions About the Thyroid Gland
Logical Health


Gain an understanding of how the thyroid gland works and what you can do to support it naturally, using the latest scientific discovery.  This workshop will be delivered by Robert Reti-Nagy, European naturopath who is one of the most well-known naturopaths of his country. He will give you an understanding of how the thyroid glands works, what nutrients are needed for optimum hormone production, and warns of the harmful effects of goitrogenic substances. Explaining the basic rules of organic chemistry, he also discusses the different molecular types of iodine, their properties and their effects on the human body. The evolution of iodine is presented in a unique way, where he will trace the 200-years development of this indispensable mineral. The latest scientific discovery related to iodine, which is currently one of the most effective solutions for safe iodine supplementation, will also be presented.

Entrance: free, but reservations are required (via Eventbrite)

Herbal Tincture Crafting Workshop
White Hawk

Join us at the Holistic Health & Healing Expo for a hands on workshop about how to make herbal tinctures. Includes a tincture to take home. We will start by discussing the basics of wildcrafting, growing, or using dry herbs, what plants are most useful to have on hand in tincture, how to administer, and how to make your own plant tinctures. Participants will help to make an herbal tincture and will take home a finished ready to use dandelion leaf tincture (great for viral needs), a workbook on making tinctures, and a glass bead infused with Bach Flower healing frequency. Ticket purchase is for a one day White Hawk PMA Workshop Membership and includes items as mentioned above. Workshop will be held in the Moorestown Room

Marlton Room

Financial Strategies For Your Emotional Health
Kelli Brack- Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


I joined Edward Jones with the goal of inspiring investment confidence for individuals and their families. Ensuring investors have the education they need to help gain financial freedom has been a passion of mine for many years. And it is never too soon to get started!

Light Language DNA Activation
Katherine of Light

Katherine of Light will express multidimensional frequencies and light codes through sound and movement to align, clear, connect, and harmonize the chakra pillar. The frequencies and codes activate dormant DNA to open information in you, of you that can heal at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Light Language activations are experiences in opening the memory of YOU by expanding consciousness and increasing source energy flow within your being. Light Language can * Restructure the energy circuits of the body * Clears karmic energy distortion * Recode the DNA to activate a process of regenesis. We will do a group Meditation as we work with an Ocean Indium Alchemy bowl and a crystal grid to create our own group portal of Light/Energy. This will contain our energy in the purest of Love and Light as we weave connection and Oneness within and without. As the earth advances to a fifth dimensional energy pattern Light Language will prepare us for the energy vibration, and so too we will evolve. This work begins a process that prepares people as quickly as possible to hold a higher dimensional light.

What Is Hyper Wellness and
What Does That Mean For You?
Restore Wellness


With your increasing everyday requirements and the resulting stress to your body, living a Hyper Wellness lifestyle is more important than ever! And let’s face it, it is harder and harder to perform as we get older- father time is undefeated! Mental and physical recovery is paramount to your day to day success and wellbeing! How do you achieve this? Specifically designed modalities that expedite and enhance your recovery timelines and effectiveness are key to living the best version of yourself. We will talk about external stresses on your body from work, workouts and your family and how to counteract the effects. We will dive into the various modalities and how each of them can ‘stack’ on top of each other to get an enhanced synergistic effect. We will also demonstrate a few of our modalities to audience members to get real time feedback. As our tagline states, we want to help you be the best version of yourself- Restore- DO More!

Medium, Intuitive Messenger and Reiki Practitioner
Devine Design Health

My name is Dina Marie and I am a co-creator of the Alternative Network. Over the last 8 years I have had the great honor of acting as a conduit of energy for the Universe; to connect souls whom have departed with their loved ones left behind in the physical world. The practice of Mediumship has expanded my consciousness as well as my gifts so I may receive and share additional intuitive messages which aid not only in processing grief but to guide the journey of the individual. Join me for a gallery session as I bring messages of love from those we have lost. *Disclaimer: It is not guaranteed every member of the gallery will receive a personal reading. 

Round Table Discussion

What is Thermography?
Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging


Thermography: A Non-Invasive Breast Health Risk Assessment Tool

Thermography uses state of the art, FDA cleared infra-red technology to provide an image of the body’s physiologic responses. This is a totally safe, non-radiologic, non-invasive, non-compression physiologic test with no adverse effects.

Thermography detects the physiologic changes in the breast tissue at a cellular level that have been shown to correlate with pre-disease or disease states. These changes can occur years before detecting a palpable mass. With Thermography the potential exists for early intervention of a proactive nature to facilitate the best possible outcome.

It can be used at any age and provides a screening tool in the earliest possible detection of breast disease and disorders of the thyroid, dental and neuromuscular systems. Thermography has been determined to have an average sensitivity and specificity of 90% and when used as part of a comprehensive multifaceted approach (clinical exam, Thermography and anatomic testing) will lead to early detection of 95% of early stage cancers. This increases the long term survival rate by as much as 60%.

Thermography can also be used to evaluate the Thyroid/Dental/Sinus Regions.

Conventional laboratory testing has proven to be a less than optimal measure of thyroid dysfunction. Since Thermography looks at the thyroid gland from a physiologic perspective we are able to provide a representation of the thyroid function which enables clinicians to intervene and provide recommendations to maximize thyroid health in symptomatic individuals even in the presence of normal blood tests.

As part of the thyroid/dental/sinus study we are also looking at the mouth for underlying dental infections often found in areas of wisdom teeth extraction, prior root canals and crowns. Teeth that have undergone root canals commonly present systemic stress and may constitute a significant hazard due to the well-documented effect of thiol ethers. Additionally we are able to image the sinuses which allow us to offer information regarding sinusitis.

Neuromuscular Thermography

The following are uses of neuromuscular thermography when anatomic tests (CT, myelogram and/or MRI) have not been performed, or are negative or inconclusive:

• To evaluate sensory/autonomic peripheral nerve injury

• To determine the possibility, or corroborate the clinical impression of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or other autonomic dystrophy and to monitor the treatment of the disorder.

• To evaluate and monitor myofascial injury.

• To differentiate, document, and monitor any neuromuscular injury that does not respond to clinical treatment.

• To identify pain disorders that manifest without readily discernible signs or symptoms and to rule out symptom magnification.

• To evaluate facial or temporomandibular joint pain when other tests are inconclusive

If the tests of neurophysiology (thermogram

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI) was established in 1982 by Philip Getson, D.O. a Board Certified Thermologist, to provide superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, thyroid, dental, and sinus regions. Dr. Getson interprets all of the images for TDI. Dr. Getson has lectured nationally and internationally about Thermography and has been an advocate in bringing Thermography into its rightful place as a valid and accepted diagnostic tool. Liesha Getson is a Board Certified Thermography Technician since 2004, Holistic Health Coach and a Reiki Master.

Dog Behavior
Ace of Paws


Did you know that the majority of behavior problems can be alleviated by implementing a better management routine? Your dog’s daily routine can make a HUGE impact on their behaviors. If you’re unsure of how to create a healthy management plan with your dog to help their behavior issues, we can help! The first portion of our talk will be informational where we will break down step by step how to best create a healthy daily routine for your dog. Then we will open up the floor for a Q & A.

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